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Protein analysis for Food / Feed 

Eurosequence offers a broad range of individual protein and amino acid analyses services that are
very useful for the characterization of protein or peptide containing foods like protein content; free
amino acid content of beer, juices; specific properties and peptide profiles in Food / Feed applications
like hypo-allergenic (baby) foods.

Most relevant type of analysis are listed below.

  • Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) both hydrolyzed and/or unhydrolyzed sample for respectively
    protein concentration or free amino acid protein concentration determinations (molar ratios
    of amino acids)

  • Peptide mapping / LC profiling, or LC-MS / MS or off-line HPLC / MALDI-TOF MS/MS for extensive characterization of peptides present in complex protein hydrolysates

  • Identification of post-translational modifications e.g. acetylation, glycosylation,
    phosphorylation of peptides present in protein hydrolysates.

  • Molecular weight distribution / Aggregation analysis using SEC-HPLC

  • Hypoallergenic Food Analysis:  We offer a unique service for the determination of peptide
    lengths and their relative abundances
    in (very) complex mixtures like protein hydrolysates
    for the development of hypo-allergenic (baby) food.