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Facilities & Equipment     

Eurosequence has its premises in Groningen, The Netherlands. The facilities include offices and laboratory space (GMP) with adequate equipment and storage facilities.

Two offices and two laboratories are part of the facilities. The facilities are located at the third floor at the North Side of the “Meditech Center” building (see photo on first page).

List of Main equipment:

  • Three ABI 494 Procise Sequencers (automated Edman degradation)

  • Two Agilent 1100 series equipped with (UV)/DAD and Fluorescence detectors

  • LC-MS Thermo Scientific LCQ Ion Trap with Agilent 1100 series attached

  • Several other MS equipment available via collaboration:
     - Micromass Q-Tof 
     - Bruker autoreflex III series MALDI-TOF MS/MS
     - PerSeptive Biosystems Voyager-STR and DE-PRO MALDI-TOFs 
     - PE Sciex API3000 triple-quadrupole for LC-MS/MS. 
     - ABI 4000Q-Traps 
     - Waters LCT Premier coupled with 1525 HPLC
  • Various others like UVVIS equipment etc.